Thursday, October 28, 2010

Preventing Ear Wax Build Up in Your Dog

Preventing ear wax build up in your dogs is not very hard task if you do not mind checking the ears periodically like every month or so, and it really depends on the type of ears your dog has but, the dogs with the long floppy and furry ears are the ones that are going to have the worst time with a problematic ear wax build up.

The reason being is that the opening of the ear is totally covered making the inner ear hot therefore making it sweat so, dirt sticks real good to wet and greasy surfaces like the inside of a dog’s ear. The more fur the dog has makes it so much easier to collect and retain dirt therefore; keeping the ears from getting any air so they could dry out naturally.

Ears need a good amount air to work in the proper way and dogs were not suppose to have those ear problems because, other wild animals do not have this problem. It is because , these dogs have been crossed bred enough times to make a different breed and some good bloodlines are made but, little minors things occur like having the ear that is not well ventilated.

For those dogs that have an ear wax build up problem when they have a bunch of fur on their long ears you can get a pair of scissors and trim the inner side of the ear or if you would rather have a professional dog groomer can do this for minimal fee. This should help improve the air way to the ear therefore, keeping it drier!

A little ear wax is normal and protects the ears from foreign invaders and even some loud noise to a certain extent but, too much ear wax and dirt built up deep inside the ear canal cannot be seen by just looking down in the dog’s ear with your naked eye. If there is dirt and wax on the outer skirt of the ear that means the mother lode is deeper in the ear canal and it can cause some very painful ear infections if not done something about.

NEVER try to poke cotton swabs down into ear of the dog because, you will be packing the wax in much harder and there is a good chance you could injure your dogs` eardrum. Another good way to find out if your dog has an ear wax build up problem is to take a” Whiff of Jiff” meaning to smell of the ear and see if it has a yeasty or strong odor suggesting a possible wax build up. You have whole a lot less problems with dogs with the up standing ears that can get good air circulation to their ears providing a lesser chance of moisture to build up.

A good way of treating earwax build up is with mild vinegar and tepid water mixed with equal parts. Lift the dog’s ear straight back without stretching or pulling then pour some of the mixture into the ear and the dog will naturally want to shake their head but, before this happens gently massage the base of the ear with your fingers until you hear mushy sound then you can let go and get out of the way and let them do the do their head shaking.

I would not advice doing this in your home because; of junky matter flying all over floors and in walls your home. This solution will help to loosen up the earwax and after the dog has calm down on their head shaking which generally last a couple of minutes then you can take a piece of cotton and the clean up debris from the outer portion of the ear and then when your finished you can start on the other ear. You can repeat this to help free up more earwax because, being the first time probably will not get rid of all the unwanted earwax.

Doing this about once a month should help prevent your dog(s) ear infections due to heavy earwax build up and by doing so, will help your pet have a much happier and healthier life.

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