Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rat Terrier Dogs Got Their Name Starting at The White House

Yes, whether you believe it or not these Rat Terriers` got their name starting at the White House within the term of what President? This president owned a little dark colored dog that was well known for eradicating rats in the White House. I have already experienced that with my own little Rat Terrier many times over and actually she has caught and destroyed two rats this year outside my home.
This breed of dogs are great hunting dogs and are very fast making their prey very vulnerable especially if it is a cottontail rabbit that is inside a fenced in area like my own back yard looking for the its entrance hole to make an extremely quick exit with my rat terrier on the tail of the cottontail rabbit that does not end in very good situation for the poor rabbit
My rat terrier is named Starr and she is a very smart pet meaning she learns and trains very well. I had her rolling over for treats within two weeks after I decided that I was going to teach her that easy trick that I have already taught several of my previous dogs and it only takes a few weeks for my dogs to fully understand and perform for me the trick when I simply say "Roll over "or just a twirl of my hand in a circular motion and the dogs will respond by a fast roll over then they want to be rewarded with a treat.
Rat terriers originated in Great Britain where they were developed from a cross between a Terrier and Smooth Fox Terrier in 1820. The adult dogs weigh about 10 or 25 lbs. and stand about 13 or 18 in. tall at the shoulders and the miniatures or about 13 in. and under. There is a much larger strain weighing over 25 lbs. and are called Decker Giants named after the breeder Milton Decker who created a larger breed for a hunting companion.
Rat terriers are really energetic and need some kind activity to keep them active to help them burn off some their daily tanked up energy like exercising by going outside and running and playing is a daily requirements to help with some over abundance of energy . Training these dogs is super easy as compared to some other breeds. Out of all the different breeds of dogs that I have had so far in my life they are all smart enough to understand my commands if I teach them with a daily repetition and if I do not try to overload too much teaching at one time and do not ever give up on the dog entirely because, they will eventually come around to understand you if you train them correctly and properly.
Theodore Roosevelt the 26th president of the United States in 1904 was the one with the little dark colored terrier that was clearing out the rats in the White House what about that -Teddy the Rough Rider!
But, for Rat Terriers you do not have to teach them too much about hunting especially rats but, you might have a problem with them chasing cats because, my Starr hates cats to pieces! Watch This Great Video!
If you need help training and making your dog behave click this link.!

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